Power Optimisation Audit

GeneRent’s power optimisation audit provides on-site power analysis and energy source selection to design the most efficient solution for your project.

Step 1. Identify

Our technical experts will work with you to understand your energy demands including distribution equipment, and energy consumption patterns.

Step 2. Load Profiling

Our in-depth load profiling will help us understand your consumption patterns. We will analyse this information to identify peak usage times and demands.

Step 3: Equipment Selection

After analysis of this information a range of products will be suggested to efficiently meet your energy demands.

Step 4: Results

Our Power Optimisation Audit and equipment selection will provide long term solutions enhancing energy efficiency, reducing cost and ensuring resilience designed specifically for your energy needs.

Step 5: Deploy and Support

With 24/7 support and a range of remote monitoring options GeneRent provides around-the-clock access to temporary power, ensuring our equipment can promptly reach your location whilst minimising downtime and keeping your facility or site operational.

Step 6: Our Commitment

GeneRent is committed to providing cost-effective solutions. Ensuring power systems are optimised for efficiency can lead to significant overall cost savings, and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

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