Hybrid power systems combine multiple energy sources, including solar, bio-diesel and battery storage, to deliver a reliable and efficient off-grid energy solution. Hybrid power systems are widely used in remote areas, off-grid locations, and eco-conscious projects, providing a reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Our fully integrated, plug-and-play battery energy storage solutions (also known as BESS) come in different sizes, from 30 kVA to 1MW, to suit a wide range of industrial and commercial energy storage applications. Our energy storage systems are compatible with storing energy from renewable sources, making them an ideal solution if you want to reduce fuel consumption of a diesel generator, add reliability to a hybrid system or microgrid, or to simply optimise your site efficiency.

A solar and hybrid lighting tower is an innovative lighting solution that uses renewable energy sources such as solar power to provide a sustainable and reliable lighting solution. Common applications include construction sites, mining operations, and emergency response scenarios, contributing to sustainability efforts by reducing reliance on fossil fuels while illuminating critical workspaces.

By harnessing the power of hydrogen our innovative solution provides enhanced efficiency, reduced emissions and increased sustainability for power generation.

Our Hydrogen generators offer a cutting-edge solution to meet your energy needs while minimising your carbon footprint. Designed with the latest technology, this generator utilizes the power of hydrogen to generate clean and reliable electricity.

Generent specialises in creating custom designed distribution equipment packages to suit your site or event requirements no matter the application. Whether you need distribution equipment for a construction or mining project or to help manage power distribution during an emergency, the team at Generent have the ability and equipment to assist.
Distribution equipment includes:

Our solar lighting tower range provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution for diverse applications, including construction sites, events, remote areas, and mining operations. These towers not only reduce operational costs but also minimise environmental impact. They offer versatility with adjustable height and brightness settings, ensuring they meet the specific demands of your project. Delivering off-grid lighting while contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Our fleet of lighting towers includes both skid, and trailer mounted units. With a range from 75,000 to 250,000 lumen capacity, making it easy to correctly light your project while still being energy efficient and cost effective. As part of our tailored lighting solutions, our services include delivery, installation, on-site servicing and refuelling. Options include automatic start and shutdown timers.

GeneRent’s premium range of Chicago Pneumatic and Airman air compressors are skid or trailer-mounted and designed for maximum flow and efficiency. Powered by robust diesel engines our rotary screw compressors deliver high-quality compressed air for a wide range of applications. User-friendly control panels are easy to operate, ensuring safety and convenience.

When it comes to ensuring the reliability and performance of your power systems, having the right load bank is essential. At GeneRent, we offer a diverse fleet of load banks ranging from 50KW to 1000KW to meet all of your testing and commissioning needs.

We understand the importance of accuracy and precision when it comes to testing and maintaining your power systems. That’s why our load banks are available in both manual and automatic operation, giving you complete control over your testing process. They can also be incorporated into the generator housing or used as free-standing units, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.